Conference packages

  • 24H Conference
  • One-Day Conference

    The Meeting Package for those who want to boost the team's creativity.

  • 32H Conference
  • Spa conference
  • Brain lean conference
  • Active Conference
  • a Rhetorical Boost
  • Green Monday


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Johanna Jensen 08-592 576 06

Meeting rooms

Our customers prioritizes natural light, good ventilation, modern conference technology and an effective sustainability strategy. Our conference rooms are named and inspired by various cities around the world for everyone to feel welcome no matter where you come from .


  • Wine tasting

    Combine your dinner with a nice wine tasting where you are served two glasses of wine for each dish. Our sommelier leads the activity and explains how to best combine wine and food.

  • Jacuzzi

    Book a Jacuzzi and enjoy total relaxation. Sink into a refreshing bath under the open sky with an incredible view over Lake Mälaren.

  • Beer tasting

    Do you want to learn more about beer and try new varieties? Combine your meal with an entertaining beer tasting led by one of our sommeliers.