Have you come a long way and want to stay, or do you want to make your stay extra memorable? Then we recommend booking an overnight stay and stop over for spa, afternoon tea, breakfast and a beautiful walk to Sigtuna city. The evening can be combined with dinner and relaxation in our wonderful spa. In addition to dinner, a plate with Skog’s homemade chips and dip on arrival is also included. Have a glass of wine or a good drink inspired by the forest to indulge further before dinner, and relax in front of the fireplace in our lounge. You go to sleep in one of our hotel rooms close to nature, and then wake up just in time for the breakfast buffet. Book weekend
This is included:
Access to relax, sauna and jacuzzi Dinner – twelve-course meal experience
Overnight stay Breakfast buffet
Restaurant Skog’s Chips & Dipp

Twelve course dinner

Welcome to The Forest’s Gold – a dinner beyond the usual Saturday 15/10. Treat yourself and someone you like to a twelve-course meal experience inspired by the forest. The chefs make use of our very best ingredients from forest and land – spiced with creativity and knowledge. Dinner is prepared in our open kitchen, where you can see for yourself how the chefs put together their creations. You enjoy the food in small servings where you can go to the chefs and be presented with the food. The tables are available for you and your party from 6 pm. A warm welcome to an alternative harvest party, alone of its kind.
Oyster. Bread. Cheese. Dill. Stick bread. Chili cheese. Savoy cabbage. Deer. Miso. Sea buckthorn. Chanterelle. Liura soy. Yellowtail. Spirit pea. Lobster. Miso. Algiers. Nashi pear
Shellac. Grilled butter. Potato. Silver onion. Deer. Beetroot. Chili. Licorice. King oysters. Garlic. Lemon thyme. Wild duck. Croquette. Herbs.
Macaroons. Elders. Bergamot. Browned butter. Dulcey. Apple. Soya. Lingon praline