Sustainability at Sigtunahöjden

We create sustainable and successful meetings where experience is the focus. We do this by taking responsibility for the requirements and needs that people, businesses and the environment place on us.

skog mälaren miljö natur

We breathe sustainability

History says that the King of Sweden wanted people to have a place where they could meet – that’s what Sigtuna became, and what remains part of our legacy. We continue to meet today, 1000 years later, and we want people to be able to continue to meet here in the future. That’s why environmental responsibility is extremely important to us.

Together we will succeed in creating the least possible impact but the maximum impression for the future.

Zero tolerance against bullying

Sigtunahöjden has supported Noll Tolerans mot Mobbning (zero tolerance against bullying) for a long time. They work to counteract bullying and offensive treatment by giving lectures and supply free teaching materials. With the support of sponsors, they work to ensure that every young person is entitled to a safe and secure school environment.

At Sigtunahöjden there is zero tolerance against bullying.

If you would like to know more about the Noll Tolerans mot Mobbning, visit their website.

kollegor personal klänningar

We are part of an eco-cycle

We consider the eco-cycle and know that we are part of a larger context. We want to show that we care. It can be simple things like smaller plates to reduce food waste or making work clothes from colourful recycled curtain fabric. It should be fun and easy – doing good should give you a good feeling.

Small changes make a difference. In the meeting rooms, we encourage our guests to turn off lights when they leave, and all tools such as whiteboard pens, pens, pads and flip charts are eco-labelled.

We are also a long-time holder of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and we place strict environmental requirements on our suppliers.

"It should be fun and easy – doing good should give you a good feeling"

bi bikupor biologisk mångfald

Beehives for diversity

We have two hives to increase biodiversity, and every year we harvest about 50 kg of honey you get to taste. We have no products that use palm oil, as we know it has a negative environmental impact.

Biofuel for planes

Our sustainability work does not stop inside our premises. We want to make a difference. We are part of a larger network of sustainability in the region where we work together to be able to do more. For example, we are part of the Fly Green Fund initiative, biofuel for planes.

buffé små skålar mat

Sustainable and climate-smart food

We put great care into the food we serve. In addition, we often serve game and a very high proportion of organic ingredients. We also buy in whole animals from nearby farms so nothing is wasted. On the topic of food waste, we also serve refreshments in smaller servings to avoid having to discard large pastries that have been laid out for too long.