Sigtunahöjden and the Sustainable Development Goals

We act upon the demands made on us by people, companies and the environment, and this is one of the reasons we have chosen to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sigtunahöjden and the SDGs

In 2019, Sigtunahöjden adopted a new vision. The company has always had a great sustainability focus, so when the new vision was being formulated it all pieced together nicely. Our new vision Together for a Sustainable Future fits our business profile perfectly and shows that we always aim high.

We regard contributing to a sustainable planet more of a necessity than a choice. Together we will succeed in creating the smallest possible impact but the largest possible imprint for the future.  We do all in our power and are willing learners. The timing of our new vision with its sustainability focus gave us the opportunity to begin working with the SDGs. We believe that organisations and companies will benefit greatly from formulating their goals and working with them continuously, both internally and with their customers.

We chose to adopt three primary goals that are key to our business operation and which best relate to our vision and philosophy. Below follows a description of the goals we are working towards along with some concrete examples.

Primary goals

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

This goal aims to achieve sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men by 2030.

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How sigtunahöjden is working towards the goal

Sigtunahöjden believes it is possible to achieve economic growth without environmental impact. We strive to create stable growth by investing our surplus in the development and refinement of the business. We do not believe in restrictions on employee rights or on the sustainable hospitality industry in general. We are an inclusive workplace with a relaxed atmosphere.
• We create jobs in the sustainable hospitality industry and promote local products and local culture.
• We welcome trainees because we understand that it gives us an influence in the industry and creates jobs. It also inspires others to think likewise.
• We promote youth employment by collaborating with educational coordinators in the industry.
• We are inquisitive and are only too happy to test new solutions. For example, we strive to be at the forefront of digital systems and customer solutions.
• We employ enough people to ensure reasonably long shifts for all our staff and we evaluate workload on a regular basis.

Our immediate aims

• To continue to evaluate and follow up our equal opportunities policy.

• To offer employment or trainee positions to people with special needs.

Bikupor Sigtunahojden

Goal 15: Life on land

This goal aims to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

How Sigtunahöjden is working towards the goal

By making strict environmental demands and keeping an eagle eye on what we offer in the way of services and the produce we consume and serve our guests.

• We are certified in accordance with Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Krav Label, Fairtrade and Green Star.

• To help preserve a well-functioning ecosystem, Sigtunahöjden keeps beehives and sells the honey in its shop.
• Whenever possible we buy locally produced goods.

• We prioritise organic produce. In 2015 we increased the proportion of organic produce in our Restaurang Skog from 30 to 55%.

• We support organisations that contribute to preserving biodiversity. One example is Biman, who helps us with our beehives.

Our immediate aims

• To raise the proportion of organic produce in our restaurant to 70%.

• To increase the number of organic drinks.

• In the long term, to mainly buy locally produced goods.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

To strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development. No one should be left behind, and no human right ignored.

Konferens Sigtuna

How sigtunahöjden is working towards the goal

Sigtunahöjden strives to lead from the front as a role model and a source of inspiration for the hospitality industry. We aim to become a local, national and international partner for sustainable development. This is why Goal 17 is of special importance to us. We need to wield a greater influence to really make a difference.

• By purchasing Fairtrade-labelled goods, Sigtunahöjden helps to support environmental demands and encourages international producers to step up to social responsibility at all levels.

• Sigtunahöjden is an active member of the global meetings organisation IACC and our CEO Lotta Boman is its European president. We share our knowledge of the sustainable hospitality industry in order to inspire, be a role model and persuade the international industry to do more. This we do by talking about our own sustainability work in an effort to influence other members of our network.

• We belong to several networks, including a sustainable hospitality industry network, Visita’s sustainability network and a sustainable destination network in Sigtuna.

• We work closely with Destination Sigtuna and meetings organisation Svenska Möten. These local partnerships give us a global influence.

• We share our knowledge with the industry and hold guest lectures on, for example, our Restaurang Skog and how we work with sustainability in general.

• We belong to management groups in various vocational colleges where we contribute with our perspectives.

Our immediate aims

• To continue to be a driving force in our industry and make ourselves increasingly visible.

• To make demands and push for a sustainable transition through the networks we are part of.

Secondary goals

Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

Reducing inequalities within and between countries is vital. It is about equal rights for all. In order to fulfil the goal, we need to promote economic and social inclusion.

kollegor pratar och jobbar i guest service

How Sigtunahöjden is working towards the goal

We are working towards a more equal world by being an open and inclusive business that never, under any circumstances, discriminates against people on the grounds of ethnicity, sexual orientation or age. We believe we must work together for a sustainable future and that this is what inclusiveness is all about.

• We strive to be an inclusive workplace that promotes diversity. Many people get their first job with us regardless of background, age, education or work experience.

• We take on work experience students and trainees to give them experience of working for us.

• We contribute to job training, Swedish language courses and other support needed by our employees to do a good job.

Our immediate aims

• We will continue to work with inclusiveness and diversity.

• We are improving the support we offer our employees to help them become successful in their work regardless of the circumstances.

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Goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production

This goal aims at promoting sustainable consumption. Sustainable consumption means environmental benefits along with social and economic benefits, such as greater competitiveness, growth in both the local and global markets, and increased employment.

How Sigtunahöjden is working towards the goal

Sigtunahöjden aims to reduce its carbon footprint by working actively with eco-friendly products and produce. When we consume, we always do it consciously.

• Sigtunahöjden works locally together with Destination Sigtuna on projects such as Sustainable Destination and Plastic-Free Destination. For example, we weigh our food waste to create awareness of the problem, we use every part of the animal in cooking, parts that would normally go to waste. We encourage our guests to reduce their food waste.

• We place environmental demands on goods purchased for our shop and are happy to buy from local suppliers or organisations with a charitable cause. In our spa we use Swedish organic skincare and haircare products.

• Sigtunahöjden’s Restaurang Skog has a strict green policy where organic and locally grown produce is always prioritised. We purchase MSC-approved fish and prioritise KRAV-labelled raw produce. More than half of the food and drink in Restaurang Skog is organic. Any food and drink that is not organic is locally produced so reduces climate impact by cutting the logistics carbon footprint. Restaurang Skog is also a part of the Sustainable Restaurants network.

• We recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can and only purchase new when we absolutely have to. Our staff use workwear made from recycled cloth from Orkan Lia design.

• Sigtunahöjden has long been a Nordic Swan-labelled facility and was one of the first ten to receive the Nordic ecolabel.

• We use ecolabelled electricity from bio and geothermal heating plants.

• We sort all our waste to separate plastic, paper and organic material.

Our immediate aims

• To achieve the lowest possible environmental impact in all areas of our organisation.

• To look into climate-smart solutions such as solar cells for pool heating and street lighting.

Read the 2018 climate report here.

Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

This goal is about combating climate change and raising awareness of the challenge we are facing.

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How Sigtunahöjden is working towards the goal

To actively combat climate change is important for us as a company. It is actually the biggest challenge we face and covers everything from using bio oil to reducing energy consumption. Sigtunahöjden is a role model for other companies, private individuals and schools. In our own way, we combat climate change every day.

• During 2018, Sigtunahöjden reduced the amount of meat served to guests and staff and increased the vegetarian options.

• We offer our customers climate-smart travel by a fossil-free Håbo Bus and we save energy by, for example, encouraging our guests to turn the lights off after them.

• We share our knowledge of how to reduce climate impact with the hospitality industry. (see also Goal 17)

• We work actively to reduce our food waste.

• We climate-reduce all trips that staff make via the Fly Green Fund and encourage conference participants who travel to us by air to do the same. Our company cars are fuelled by electricity and gas.

• We inform people about sustainability with articles on our inspiration page.

Our immediate aims

• The overall aim for Sigtunahöjden is to become a climate-neutral facility.

Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

This goal promotes peaceful and inclusive societies free from violence, conflict and corruption. It is also a means of achieving sustainable development by ensuring equal opportunities and equality for all in the eyes of the law.

How Sigtunahöjden is working towards the goal

Sigtunahöjden is a place for people to meet. We have zero tolerance for all forms of bullying, preferring instead to promote mutual respect between guests and staff. We work in close harmony with our customers and we willingly act as sounding boards for each other.

• Sigtunahöjden contributes to the local community by arranging events. One prime example is the Green Club AW.

• Sigtunahöjden welcomes trainees and work experience students.

• Sigtunahöjden collaborates with other hotels to combat trafficking. We support Zero Tolerance against bullying and Porn Free Zone.

• We participate in activities such as running for charitable purposes.

Our immediate aims

• We intend to invite young people to come and learn more about sustainability, especially food waste.