Activities add new energy

Our activities are for everyone regardless of conditions and can be carried out throughout the year regardless of the weather. Do not underestimate the importance of play for the group’s ability to relax and pull on the corners of the mouth. With new impressions, we more easily think innovative thoughts. Let the overall purpose of the meeting take place in your activities, whether you go for a run or solve tricky tasks together. In addition to activities under our own auspices, we collaborate with the activity companies Puls and Aventi. You book an activity by filling in the one you want to perform in the booking request. All prices are exclusive of VAT. You book the activity you are interested in by filling in the booking request.
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Team på väg till Sigtunahöjden
Fest i Sigtuna
Konferens i Sigtunahöjdens lokal Central Park
Book your own jacuzzi and have a moment of total relaxation. Sink into a lovely bath under the open sky and with incredible views of Lake Mälaren. We present drinks and snacks as desired. Up to 6 people per pool. Price: 1500 SEK/hour and pool.
Candle making
At Wenngarn Castle lays the Sigtuna candle factory. Listen to an interesting overview of candle making and then bake your own snowball candles. After a leg stretcher, you frost them and take 3 home with you to show or give to family and friends. Time: 2 – 2.5 hours. Price: 3,000 SEK and then an additional 400 SEK/person.
Mindful walk
Hand in your mobile phone with us and take a break in nature around Sigtunahöjden. We offer bags with seat pads, thermos and a mind map where we have marked places where you can sit down. Drink coffee or tea while reflecting on the day together. You pick up the map at the reception or order bags in advance from the meeting planner.
Yoga is beneficial for the body as well as for the mind. Yoga helps you set the right focus for the day or round off an intense day with well-deserved recovery and creates time for reflection. This activity can be booked up to 20 people. Price: 5500 SEK.
Hunting Simulator
You are guided light-heartedly and professionally by our instructor. Choose different environments: moose shooting range, bear hunting, clay pigeon shooting, grouse hunting in the mountains or duck hunting in a lake environment. Time: from 1 hour. Price: on request, max 12 people.
Forest bath with Lisen Sundgren
For you nature lovers, we recommend Forest Bathing. This activity is not an ordinary forest walk, you move at a leisurely pace with nature expert Lisen Sundgren who offers opportunities to open your minds to everything the forest has to offer. Forest bathing is about taking it easy and “bathing” in the forest’s sensory impressions.
Start the conference with a mind-opening walk that will help you set the tone for a creative and productive day. This walk makes it easier to listen to others and make decisions where the heart and brain get to decide together. Before or after lunch, you will learn how to identify and use five wild edible plants in season. Together we pick plants that are used in your food and drink. The day is then rounded off with a moment of meditation. Conscious presence helps us integrate and process what we have done and learned during the day, perfect for those who want to help the team reflect on today’s content. Time: Around 30-60 minutes per session, a total of around 2-3 hours. Price: 12,000 SEK for 20 people, then it’s 200 SEK/person + travel expenses.
Start or round off the conference with a conscious presence in nature. With the help of nature, stress drains away from us and makes us more creative, productive and collaborative. Many people feel that through contact with nature they become happier, more present and get more energy. A perfect activity to set the right focus for or round off an important meeting. Time: 1-3 hours. Price: 7500 SEK, for 15 people, then 150 SEK/person + travel expenses.
Come along on a hike where we taste, smell and learn about how plants can be used for food, drink and better health. We start with a taste and smell exercise to open our minds and become more present to take in nature. We also bring plants to the kitchen that the chefs use for food and drink. Time: 1–2 hours. Price: SEK 7500 for 15 people, then 150 SEK/person + travel expenses (NOTE a maximum of 30 people).
Start the morning with 30 minutes of meditation, breathing exercises or a guided tour of the mind walk. In the morning you do 15 minutes of breathing exercises outdoors. It also offers a longer break of 30 minutes during the day, where you take a walk to find edible wild plants in season. The day ends with nature contact and meditation in nature, conversation and tea. Time: 1-2 hours. Price: SEK 12,000 for 20 people, then 200 SEK/person.
Konferensaktivitet Skogsbad med Lisen Sundgren på Sigtunahöjden
Relax & massage
Treat yourself and your colleagues to an activity with relaxation, whirlpool and massage in our relaxing spa! Price: 3600 SEK/ex VAT. 1h approx. 6-12 people. Price: 7200 SEK. 2h about 12-24 people.
Padel with WE Sigtuna
Padel is a social activity that suits many, while being easy to learn. Challenge your colleagues in Sweden’s fastest growing sport right now! Time: 1 hour. Price: on request.
Flowtrail that winds through the forest, XCO track, pump track and a technology area. There is also a workshop, bicycle wash and bicycle storage. Price: on request.
Gin tasting
Test your gin knowledge with a gin tasting. Impress family and friends with your newfound knowledge after the conference. Price: on request.
Inspiring lectures
We are in contact with several inspiring lecturers and are happy to advise you on who would be suitable for your conference. We have collaborations with Tomas Gustafsson, Svante Randlert, Barbro Fällman, Anders Hedin, and many more. Time: 1 hour. Price: on request.
Creative painting
Let creative painting together with joy and curiosity take place without the need for performance. You paint inside our premises or outdoors if the weather permits. You get access to canvas, colors, and instructions. The activity does not require any prior knowledge, but adds joy and energy that is important for a successful meeting. 30 people max. Time: About 1-2h. Price: 1500 SEK/group + 250 SEK/person.
Discover Sigtuna
Join one of the city’s authorized guides and discover Sigtuna, Sweden’s first city with a 1000-year history. We pass rune stones, church ruins and the city’s famous town hall. Included: fresh air, exercise and a wonderful nature and cultural experience. Price: SEK 1895 / hour per group of maximum 15 people, subject to changes.
Cheese tasting
Cheese-Ola invites you and your party on a good cheese journey. During the tasting, you will be served six different cheeses served with biscuits and marmalade. Enjoy tasty cheese and listen to inspiring stories about the handling of cheese. Time: 50-90 minutes. Price: on request.
Take your colleagues and paddle out on a kayak adventure together. Enjoy Sigtuna’s beautiful environment and feel like one with nature. Suitable for groups from 8 to 60 people. Time: from 1.5 hours. Price: starting fee 3500 SEK + 550 SEK/person.
Tired of sitting indoors all day? Bring out the afternoon coffee in a picnic basket and hold the rest of the meeting outdoors. It will be a nice change for you and the team after a long work week. Price: 175 SEK/person.

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