Restaurang Skog skär upp tomater.

Catering for parties

  • SEK 29-55 mingle food, prices are per dish. Minimum 10 of the same dish. From SEK 295 / pp
  • SEK 370 / hour service staff, minimum 4 hours, minimum 1 service staff per 15 guests.
  • SEK 490 / hour foreman / foreman, minimum 4 hours.
  • Delivery SEK 350
  • Collection fee SEK 350
  • You can also rent plates, cutlery, glasses, tablecloths, thermoses, tents, chairs and tables.

Catering menues

  • Soused herring, browned butter, onion, sour cream (portioned)
  • Pickled game with smoked juniper emulsion, lingonberry (portioned)
  • Cold smoked salmon with horseradish cream
  • Sliced roast beef
  • Potato Salad
  • Green salad
  • Seasonal salad
  • "Västerbotten-cheese" pie
  • Butter and bread
  • Baked berries with oatmeal crisp and vanilla cream

SEK 295 / person
Served as a buffet.
Subject to change.

Small dishes

Soused herring, sour cream, browned butter, chives, red onion
White asparagus, silver onion, potatoes, cheese
Tartar on beef, jalapeno, sesame and cucumber

From the grill


Warm Accessories

BBQ sauce
Grilled corn
Roasted potatoes
Black bean salsa

Salad Table

Green salad
Primary and potato salad
Chimichurri with nettle
Tomato salsa with spruce, mango and coriander
Cucumber / melon / elderberry / lime
Jalapeno emulsion
Greek salad


Whipped butter with forest salt


Grilled pickled rhubarb. Dreams. Vanilla ice cream
Cheeses with accessories

Price SEK 675 per person.
Subject to change.

  • Organic smoked veal from Järinge farm with pickles mayonnaise, rye bread and toasted onions
  • Cauliflower with truffles and hazelnut
  • Pickled deer with gruyere, lingonberry and mushrooms
  • Sooted char with breadcrumbs, cress and trout rum
  • 3 types of selected Swedish cheeses with Gi-crisp and jam
  • 3 kinds of selected charcuterie
  • Restaurant Skog's homemade bread with whipped butter and two vegetarian stir-fries
    Seasonal fruit or berries with cookie crumbs and vanilla cream

Price. SEK 595 / per person.
If you want to make some of these for starters, please contact the kitchen for suggestions for a main course.
Subject to changes.

Ceramics: SEK 4.95
Barrel: SEK 4.95
Stoneware: SEK 4.95
Copper pot small: SEK 6.85
Copper pot large: 6.85 SEK
Glass plate: SEK 4.95
White plate standard: SEK 3.95
White plate exclusive: SEK 4.75
White plate depth: SEK 4.75
Cutting board: SEK 20
Water glass: SEK 2.95
Champagne glass: SEK 3.95
White wine glass: SEK 3.95
Red wine glass: SEK 3.95
Whiskey glass / drink glass: SEK 3.95
Coffee cups with saucers: SEK 2.95
Fork: SEK 2.95
Knife: SEK 2.95
Spoon: SEK 2.95 < br /> Coffee spoon: SEK 2.95
Dessert spoon: SEK 2.95
Dessert fork: SEK 2.95
Serving cutlery: SEK 18
Coffee thermos: SEK 150