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With a curious and enthusiastic kitchen team, we humbly deliver a dining experience at a high gastronomic level, where flavour and ingredients are the focus.

Our food philosophy

It is important for us to use ingredients that safeguard animals, people and nature today, and for the next generations. We work mainly with eco-labelled and locally-produced ingredients, preferably using products from farms in Roslagen and Uppland, often spiced up with treasures from all over the world.
A shared commitment and interest are the basis for creating a ‘wow’ experience in the form of the perfect combination of food and drink.
At Sigtunahöjden all meals are carefully designed to give you the energy you need to stay focused on an entire day’s work – that’s also sustainability to us. New sensory impressions help us to think of new ideas and more easily build up creative associations.
With a panoramic view over the forest and Lake Mälaren, you can follow the spectacle of nature. As in the rest of the building, in the kitchen and dining room we follow the seasons of the year to create a surprising experience at each recurring visit.

kock sofie lidén och närodlade grönsaker och örter
Chefs Restaurant Sigtuna
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Praesent tristique

Bar menu

Restaurant Skogs burger*

189 sek

Fish & chips

179 kr

The vegetarian option of the day

169 sek

Ask us what options we have for you today.

Beetsalad with chèvre

169 sek

Soup of the day

125 sek

Selected charcuteries

155 sek

Selected cheeses

155 sek

Selected cheeses and charcuteries

175 sek

Sour cream panna cotta

125 sek

Sorbet of the day

85 sek

*We have calculated the total amount of carbon dioxide this course emits

By doing so, we have made it more simple for you to make environmentally friendly options.

1. Restaurant Skogs burger. 4.9 kilos Co2e
2. Ceasarsallad med kyckling. 1.4 kilos Co2e